My heart aches for the opportunities that came at the wrong time

My heart aches everytime I think of those that will never happen

My heart aches for those whom I loved but never loved me back

My heart aches for the fear created by my pessimistic thoughts

My heart aches for the days I stayed just within my safezone

My heart aches for the chances I was too scared to take

My heart aches for the time wasted by immaturity

My heart aches for all the things left unsaid

My heart aches and will continue to ache

For me to feel the pain and sink it in

Until my mind gets tired,

Gets numb from it

Until it forget

Why it




Everytime you laugh on my weight,

do you feel sexy?

Everytime you call me offensive terms,

do you feel smarter?

Everytime you pinpoint the mistakes,

do you feel holy?

Everytime you tell me my flaws,

do you feel perfect?

Everytime you brag about what you have,

do you feel so privilege?

Everytime you make me feel small,

do you feel so big?

How could you be so insensitive?

Can you not look at yourself first?

Why is it so easy for you to judge?

Here’s a tip, look at yourself first

You had been someone that I look up to

Now, you are someone I look down to

Revenge is not for me to keep

I surrender all to karma, be aware

I Should’ve Known

I should’ve known by the cold sweat I felt

Everytime I hold your hands

I should’ve known by the eyes

That can’t see straight through mine


I should’ve known by your faraway glances

That only stops when I snap my finger at you

I should’ve known by the calls you never answered

During the time I really need to hear from you


I should’ve known when you forgot our anniversary

And told me you were just busy

I should’ve known when your best friend told me

You are seeing someone new


I kept myself from seeing the obvious truths

I never mind people telling me I’m a fool

Even with all the evidences present, I was doubtful.

For me, I’d rather be irrational than be left by you


But the time has come to wake myself up

To the truth that shall set me free

You should’ve known what it feels

To be free with your lies and fallacies


I always loved Saturdays
but it was extra special yesterday
because suddenly, the fantasies
became unimaginably, unthinkably real.

For the first time,
you looked directly in my eyes,
you answered my uncertainties,
you were so close.

I just want to let you know,
i enjoyed that afternoon,
i learned a lot from you and
it was a pleasure meeting you.

The night after that encounter
my eyes did not want to shut off
because finally reality
is better than my dreams

You told me, you’ll be back,
I shall wait with all my faith,
Until the next Saturday,
my classic tall, dark, and handsome man.

Love You Like You Do

Do you remember the day you asked suddenly
If I love you like you love me?
I felt numb, dumbfounded and shocked
I did not said a word and turned my back

I was into you the very first day of that summer weeks
If only you knew how hard I hide those burning cheeks
I don’t know how my fear of falling in love again dies
Every time you look at me with those brown eyes

I was wrong to assume that you knew
How everyday my admiration grew
I thought you felt it during those talks
That you are the one I can have hundred walks

And now it seems complicated
Everything seems wasted
if I ever fell short of loving you, I am sorry
This just what is left of me

And I hope you now understand
Why I did not answer that question beforehand
I did not turn away because of the question
I turned away from the situation

I cannot live with someone who questions
On what are my real intentions
So goodbye and go find someone new
Someone who will love you like you do

Goodbye Love. I’m Sorry.

I remember the times I said
I will never leave your side.
Those promises we recited and
the too many far-fetched dreams of us

But then,
I realized how fool was I
to make you believe in such impossibilities.
Changes do happen, we forgot.

I hate myself now
More than ever
For those times
I treated life like a fairytale

And you,
Don’t ever feel
That you weren’t good enough
Because you are way better than me

I am broken.
That’s the truth.
I am sorry.
I messed up.

I need to find myself.
Somewhere. Somehow.
Then when I’m okay.
I’ll give you a ring on the phone.

If you answer it.
I’ll be asking you a question.
But if not.
I’ll understand.